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In 2008 I had a baby. It was the time of the CNDP and Laurent Nkunda war.
I was forced to go to the frontline with my baby. I could not leave her with anybody. My baby was 8 months old. I fastened her to my chest, so she would be covered in case I was shot from behind. I was marching with my baby, my rifle and my ammunition box.
I joined several operations: I fought against Laurent Nkunda in Walikale, in Rusamambo, and in Lubero against the FDLR. Four years ago, we were attacked. They shot at me, and I was shooting back with my baby tied to me. My fear was to lose her.
I was not afraid for myself, I am a soldier. My dream is that someday the government will increase our salary and build camps where our soldiers and their families can live.