masika tale

We are in Minova, South Kivu, to meet Gérome and Masika, FARDC soldiers, married.
This story is emblematic of the general situation of the Congolese army.

The corporal Jeanette Vitimya Masika, 31, is originally from the north.
She's a tense and smiling woman, wife of Gerome Amisi Ndonge. The two have been married for nine years. They have nearly always worked and fought together.
Gérome Amisi Ndonge, 45, is an FARDC lieutenant, native of Katanga.
Gerome, Masika and their friends joined the eighth military region in Minova, under the command of General Bahuma.
They have three children living at Gerome's family home in Lubumbashi, Katanga. The youngest was born in 2008 during the Nkunda rebellion.