This is Jean Paul Rukwoshi, 53 years old. He works in the river with the whole family. They sift the sand to find manganese.
Listen to his story.

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I am a miner. I work in a tunnel we call flatmumba. As miners, we are grouped in comittees. It’s the comittee who finds clients. I’ts a good job because we can live with it and we can pay school taxes for our kids. We are grateful for that. But sometimes there is not so much work, that's the problem we're facing. For example, when the rain stops, we can open new sites and keep on working

The mineral we extract here is manganese, coming from the hills. We don’t know what the manganese is for, we are just miners. We are just workers, someone else come here to take the mineral we extract.

Here there aren’t the M23 militias. Neither other militias or soldiers. The buyers, it's them that suggest the price. Suddendly they could say, well the price is now lower, and they put the price they want. So that’s the critical point in our business.

One kilogram of manganese is about ten dollars. One miner can extract from two to three kilos per day, but quantity can change.